Our Store

805 Gift Emporium is a delightful small gift shop located between the Pacific View Mall and Ventura College, at 3875 Telegraph Road, Suite A. An L shaped two story building; you will find 805 Gift Emporium on the bottom floor in the very front, closest to Telegraph Road. We have nice parking, both in the front and the back of the building. We light up our window display and signs at night to help you see the change of seasons and special days of the year. Our selection includes a wide variety of gifts and décor, something for anyone on your gift list or yourself! When you make a purchase make sure you tell us if it is a gift, as we gift bag it for you and it’s ready to go from the store to the party. The product array includes darling things for baby, a special friend or family member, jewelry, scarves, wallets, kitchen items, beautiful mugs, stationary, dog clothing, wall décor and inspirational items, and a fantastic selection of greeting cards as well. The products vary by season and we are constantly on the hunt for new items to add to the array of choices. Our staff is friendly and knowledgeable, the atmosphere is warm, inviting and special. You will find yourself relaxing as you wander the shop. We hope you will find shopping with us a fun and rewarding experience because we are dedicated to offering the best quality products we can find at an affordable price. We know we are catering to people just like us who treasure family and friends, so our products have to be unique and fun, as well as functional. We work to select items for your own enjoyment, as well as your gift giving pleasure. We hope you find our product selections special and a pleasure to own. Our store hours are 9 A.M. to 6 P.M. Monday through Saturday. We are closed on Sunday. Stop by our store often as we constantly update and expand our product variety.

Our Team

Our relatively “mature” crew collectively represents highly experienced retailers, shippers, and crafters, with plenty of artistic talent, entrepreneurial experience, and the work ethic of a former generation. At a time when many wish to retire and relax, this wonderful and slightly workaholic group have no such desire. When the word went out that 805 Gift Emporium was forming, they all appeared, some from their retirement and some from their own businesses, wanting to know how they could help. We went to work with group suggestions, selections and their expertise to make 805 Gift Emporium the best it could be. Our team is dedicated and eager to serve you.

The Owner

805 Gift Emporium owner is Nancy Farrar, a dedicated retailer. She is constantly working with vendors to find new products that will make customers happy. After years of retail management experience Nancy became enamored with the idea of an Emporium; and with gusto and the help of “a village” embarked on the journey.

The name 805 Gift Emporium came about because Nancy has always wanted her own retail store and it “had to be” an Emporium to allow for the wonderful variety implied in the name. The younger of the family around our area say “it’s all about the 805” (which is our area code), so to create a business name with personal meaning, the 805 Gift Emporium was born.

Nancy and team are standing by for the opportunity to serve you. Come right in and make yourself at home!

3875 Telegraph Rd Suite A
Ventura, CA 93003

(805) 658-0805

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